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Welcome to your own farm in the exciting world of Farmstead Frenzy! In this exciting game you will become a real farmer and a master of flower craft. Embark on an exciting adventure in which you will manage everything from sowing seeds to selling flowers  


Farm Management: You will start with a small piece of land that you can gradually expand as your farm develops. Grow different types of flowers, take care of plants and harvest a rich harvest.  

Vehicle Exploration: The game offers you the opportunity to explore the lost world in various vehicles such as passenger cars and tractors. Travel around the area, enjoying the beautiful scenery and finding new places to plant flowers.  

A little training: The main goal of the game is to increase your capital. this can be done by growing various types of flowers and selling them further. To plant flowers, you need to go to the barn and buy the seedlings you need. After purchase, they will be automatically added to your tractor. Next, you need to plant a field, namely, come to it on a tractor and drive around the field a little - the tractor will do everything for you. After that, you need to wait until the flowers grow. As soon as they mature, they can be harvested using a combine harvester and get money! Good luck in the game!


Farmstead Frenzy.zip 62 MB

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